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My name is Siri Amrit Kaur Khalsa, and I had breast cancer. I treated my disease using alternative medicine. This paper is a description of the methods I used and my opinions on cancer and some cancer treatments. It is not my intention to give medical advice or tell people what they should do. This paper is not a "stand alone" ultimate approach for treating cancer. It is merely a resource tool to get people started in their own personal research. The opinions expressed here are my own. I hope that by reading this, people will realize that there is a tremendous variety of treatment options available and it is up to them to study and make their own informed decisions.

For reasons I describe further on, I not only refused conventional cancer treatment common in this country, I refused routine diagnostic procedures as well, believing them to be very dangerous. I feel that I nevertheless had a very accurate diagnosis of my disease. Medicine as practiced by the AMA is only one school of thought and is by no means the only real, accurate, scientific or effective medicine. Many other schools of medicine are highly accurate and effective sciences, and in other parts of the world people with cancer have options that are never offered by doctors in this country. This is no accident. For over a century the AMA has tried everything in its power, both legal and illegal, to eliminate all competition in health care. The AMA might not respect my diagnosis of cancer, but thatís OK; I donít respect the AMA.

I found the lump in my right breast on July 2, 1997. It was small and hard, about the size of a small split pea with a ridge. I had a very bad feeling about it. I had known for many years that I was at high risk for cancer: I am a DES daughter. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism (Wilson's Syndrome to be precise), and had DDT and heavy metal exposure. I am also an incest survivor. Each of these is a risk factor for cancer. My mother had cancer of the thyroid when she was pregnant with me and later had lymphoma, which she survived. I had a tumor surgically removed from my mouth while an infant. I had a pre-cancerous condition in my reproductive organs in my youth. I struggled with poverty, depression and an impaired immune system for several years prior to discovering the lump. I had high levels of exposure to household chemicals as I made a living doing housecleaning. I believe that I was ill for some time before I discovered the lump. Although I tried my best to eat right and stay healthy, I certainly did not feel well for many years.

I do not smoke or drink. I was a vegetarian for twenty-three years before discovering the lump. I stayed away from junk food like French fries, soda pop, and refined sweets, except for an indulgence in chocolate now and then (everybody needs a little vice, after all!) I did a lot of reading and studying over the years on the subject of alternative medicine. I knew that I had a one-in three chance of getting cancer, and I believe in the saying of Louis Pasteur, that "Chance favors the prepared mind." When I found the lump I was terrified, but I didnít panic. While I knew it could just be a benign cyst, I had a very bad feeling about it. I called friends; read books they recommended, and saw doctors I respected to get their advice. I got a lot of opinions, many of them conflicting, from the books I read. I tried to find common principles and ideas about cancer and the healing process. I listened to my body. Some options felt good to me, others made my stomach clench. Some theories sounded ludicrous to me, others sounded deadly. Some theories made a lot of sense.

I believe that the body knows how to be healthy if we donít get in the way of its natural processes. A cut will heal without our thinking about it. We have cells getting damaged all the time. We even have cancer cells in our bodies, and our immune system takes care of the problem when it is working right; that is its job. People have different constitutions and can get the same disease for different reasons, so a treatment that works for one person may not work for another.

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Cancer is a very complex disease. It seems to be a snowballing- an avalanche if you will- of a lot of processes gone wrong. For this reason, I believe the way conventional medicine treats cancer is largely a failure. Conventional medicine attacks the cancer, but does not look at the person as a whole. On the contrary, oncologists believe that they can poison the body and do lasting harm to the immune system, liver and other organs, but if they can kill the cancer, then treatment is a success. They even consider death to be within the acceptable range of side effects of their treatment! So often, their treatments destroy the bodyís ability to defend itself against future cancer. The underlying causes of the cancer are not addressed and the individual nature and needs of the patient are ignored. I have such a fear of this kind of "medicine" that I knew I would not survive it. The coldness and lack of humanity in that system of medicine seems anti-life. For me, this "medicine" seemed worse than the disease.

Several years ago I read a statistic that said the average life span of a person after diagnosing cancer was four years, and this life span was the same whether the patient chose conventional treatment OR alternative medicine. The only thing worse was choosing to do nothing. I have had so many traumatic experiences with MDís that I have developed a phobia of invasive medical procedures. I have not found even one doctor or clinic willing to work with a patient who has PTSD triggered by medical treatment. Going into a doctorís office or hospital for invasive procedures is agonizing for me.

Before I knew better, I tried to schedule a mammogram and had a panic attack as soon as I hung up the phone. I had to cancel the appointment. This phobia turned out to be a gift as it kept me from placing my life in the hands of a medical system that I now believe would have not only failed to cure my cancer, but would have killed me in and of itself. Because it is so excruciating for me to see doctors when I am ill, I have learned to rely on self-help, self-education, and alternative medicines that donít use invasive procedures. Iím a real boot-strapper, what Dr. Bernie Siegel calls a "difficult patient". I will consult with acupuncturists for advice on herbs and diet, but I donít go in for needle therapy. My favorite modality is Kinesionics; I will talk about that later.

I called a doctor in Santa Fe, a very unorthodox MD whom I trusted to give me unbiased information about my options. We had a long talk, and the first thing he said was, "You have cancer? What do you want to go to the doctors for? I wouldnít!" He explained that there are very few cancers that MDís have success treating; for those cancers he would recommend conventional treatment. The statistics that say life spans of cancer patients are on the increase are very misleading. All that has changed is that cancers are detected earlier than they used to be. In the past, for example, a woman would have discovered a cancer only after it was well advanced, and maybe live a short time beyond that point. Now the cancer would be discovered many years earlier and aggressive treatment would begin. She may live three or four years beyond the point of diagnosis, which is the average life span after date of diagnosis, rather than perhaps a few months, as she would have done in the past. But in the meantime, her life would be a hell.

My doctor told me about several friends of his, doctors themselves, who refused conventional medical treatment for their cancers. One of these was a woman who had had breast cancer for over a decade, and lived and worked normally. When she finally gave in to pressure and had radiation treatment, her cancer suddenly metastasized and she was dead within months. He couldnít give me any advice as to what alternative approaches to try, but he encouraged me to stay away from the "cut, burn and poison guys".

If I wasnít so scared of surgery and all the tests and procedures that go along with it, I think I would have opted for a mastectomy in spite of what the doctor told me. When you have cancer, you just want to make it go away, fast! But it was a good thing I didnít have one. With my weak liver and weakened immune system it would have been very hard for me to recover from that kind of trauma. I also had no health insurance.

I learned from my reading that there are different types of breast cancer; some stay localized, while others are very aggressive. The majority of malignant lumps are found in the upper and outer quadrant of the breast, and that is where my lumps were. Within one month, I went from having one lump to four, and began to feel a swollen node in my armpit as well. I had examinations with two doctors of Oriental Medicine, and two doctors of Ayurveda. I also saw a doctor of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, who has such a reputation for diagnostic skill that even MDís consult with him when they are "stuck" for a diagnosis. All of these doctors independently made the same diagnosis: cancer. In addition, three of these doctors recommended Gerson Therapy, one recommended Hoxey Formula, and another recommended ESSIAC tea. One of Murphyís Laws of Combat says, " In a combat situation, any decision you make can get you killed, including the decision to do nothing." I had to make decisions fast, and they had to be the right ones because there was no time for mistakes. What should I do?

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I decided to go with a very aggressive, eclectic, alternative approach. The book, Reclaiming Our Health, by John Robbins, was a huge inspiration. As its subtitle says, it exploded a lot of medical myths that had brainwashed me over the years. The information in that book gave me the courage I needed to buck the system of conventional cancer treatment. For me, one of the most helpful passages in the book described how oncologists would talk about high "response rates" to their chemotherapy, thus implying a high "cure rate". These terms are very misleading. When pressed, doctors will admit that they have no cure for cancer and that a response rate only means that the tumor may shrink as a result of chemotherapy. What they do not like to tell patients is that the cancer often comes back more virulently than before the chemotherapy. When that happens, the immune system and liver have often been so damaged from the chemotherapy that the patient cannot fight off the new malignancy. I believe that non-toxic treatment approaches can work against cancer, but the chance for success is lessened if the disease-fighting mechanisms of the body have been damaged or destroyed by toxic therapies. My personal opinion from watching loved ones go through chemo and radiation, is that people who survive often do so in spite of their treatment, not because of it.

In Reclaiming Our Health there is a short list of alternative approaches to treating cancer and other diseases. I decided to contact People Against Cancer, at (515) 972-4444 for more information. They recommended a book called An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide To Cancer, so I ordered it from them and received it a few days later. I refer to it as the "big fat cancer book", and I highly recommend it for everyone, whether or not they have cancer. The book contains descriptions of successful treatment plans of many alternative physicians, descriptions of literally hundreds of botanical approaches, biotherapies, immune stimulators and metabolic factors used around the world, causes of cancer, detection, prevention, and the politics involved in cancer treatment and the cancer industry. It is well documented and has excellent footnotes and references on every page for how to "find out more about it". If People Against Cancer doesn't carry it anymore, I know you can get it from Alternative Medicine's great website: Alternative Medicine

There were so many approaches described in that book that I was overwhelmed with both hope and confusion. The best advice I got was from a doctor who said to pick one approach as my main therapy- whatever approach made the most sense to me. Then add any additional therapies as long as they complemented my main approach and did not contradict it. The two approaches I considered the most were Macrobiotics and Gerson Therapy. Three of the doctors I consulted recommended Gerson Therapy. Macrobiotics seemed harder to me, and I knew that while it helped many people, it also failed many people. While this is true of all therapies, I felt instinctively that the macrobiotic approach was not what my body wanted.

Gerson Therapy has been around for decades and has an impressive track record. It consists, in a nutshell, of drinking massive quantities of fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day, and detoxifying the body, especially the liver, with coffee enemas. There is no way a person can drink so many live enzymes and not change her blood chemistry. I consider Gerson Therapy to be a natural, non-toxic chemotherapy.

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I have always loved the way fresh juices made me feel. Years ago I did a three-day juice fast and then passed a peach-sized tumor during a high colonic. I have had liver problems for years from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and had therefor been taking coffee enemas for a long time already. So I decided to go onto the Gerson program. I called their clinic office in San Diego; CA. and they sent me a packet of information. I quickly realized that I could not afford to go to their clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. I would have to do the best I could on my own.

In the packet they sent me a little booklet called "The Basics". It contained the juice recipes along with directions for how to prepare coffee enemas, which is very different from brewing coffee for drinking. They recommended a juicer called The Angel Juice Extractor. It is very well built and uses a cylindrical meshing gear system, rather than a centrifuge or shredding system. Juicers that use centrifugal or shredding systems tend to create heat, which damages the live enzymes in the juice. The Angel's method of juicing breaks the cellulose walls of the vegetables and releases the nutrients for easier absorption and utilization, without creating heat. It is much less expensive than the Norwalk Press, which the Gerson institute used to recommend. The source for the Angel Juicer is Angel America, Inc. 3807 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 801, Los Angeles. Phone- 213-381-7800, and 213-932-1004.

(Since writing this paper, my Angel Juicer has died. After six months of Gerson Therapy I only used it sporadically so there is no excuse for an $800 juicer to give up the ghost like this. The phone numbers for Angel America are not in service and they have no web presence. I've since bought an Omega Model 8005 single-gear juicer which I like very much. I don't know if it crushes the cell walls of the vegetables as well as the twin-gear juicers, but it is very affordable as well as quiet. Unlike centrifugal juicers, it does not overheat and kill the enzymes.)

Coffee enemas flush the gall bladder and the liver. I recommend coffee enemas for anyone dealing with cancer, even if they choose conventional treatments. The pain and nausea resulting from chemo and radiation therapy can be reduced with coffee enemas. Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Gerson Therapy and many others all independently came to the same conclusion: to cure cancer, the liver must function well. Any therapies that will detoxify the liver and support its function will improve the odds for getting well. When you have cancer, the cancer cells produce toxic by-products, which burden the liver. Chemo is loaded with poisons and heavy metals that burden the liver. You are attempting to kill cancer cells and they also have to be eliminated, via the liver. Your liver function is the key to all of this. Normal elimination is not nearly efficient enough for such an extreme condition. Supporting the liver and its elimination of these wastes is crucially important.

The way to make a coffee enema is this: Boil 1 to 4 Tablespoons of ground (preferably organic) coffee in 1 quart purified or distilled water. Boil it for a few minutes and then simmer it for about 15 more minutes. Allow it to cool to a comfortable warm temperature. Filter- donít strain it- into a jar, and pour it into the enema bag. Turn on some beautiful, inspiring, healing music. Lie on your back to take in the enema. When it's all in, turn onto your right side and try to hold the enema for 15 minutes. Then you can eliminate it. If your bowels are too full to comfortably hold the enema for that long, you may wish to take a brief warm water enema (you can take in warm Chamomile tea if you like) to clear your bowels before taking the coffee enema. Remember: the main point of a coffee enema is not to clear the bowels (although that really helps), but to flush the liver of toxins. To accomplish that, you need to hold the coffee for awhile.

I prefer to take coffee enemas in the morning or early afternoon. They keep me awake if I take them too late. The caffeine in a coffee enema gives a nice "lift" without the harsh, wired buzz that comes from drinking coffee. In fact, if you or someone you know wants to stop drinking coffee but fear the withdrawal headache and sleepiness, coffee enemas are a great way to wean yourself off the habit. Start with 4 Tablespoons of coffee per quart, and gradually work your way down over the period of a week or so. You wonít feel a need to drink coffee if you take coffee enemas. If for some reason you just canít do coffee enemas, I recommend you go to a Colonic Practitioner once or twice a week for a high colonic.

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I would make my juices every morning, and take them in a thermos if I went out. I drank so much juice (a big glass every waking hour) that I was too full to eat. I would make myself eat some nice vegetables and tofu, baked in a clay pot, for dinner. I was very disciplined, but oddly enough, it wasnít hard! I was VERY motivated, and the options of getting sicker with a lot of pain or getting conventional medicine with my phobia kept me motivated!

The diet was so pure and nutritious that I experienced many unexpected benefits: I had NO food cravings and no body odor. I lost the severe, chronic back pain I had had for twenty-two years. I lost twenty-two pounds that I hadnít been able to lose before, and I was feeling wonderful! My skin and color improved, and my eyes got clear. Even the dark circles under my eyes disappeared! From a Shamanic point of view, cancer has a very malevolent energy, like an evil spirit. This "spirit", if you will, loves the dark and hates the light. What are fruits and vegetables, but sunlight converted into matter via photosynthesis! So when I drank my juices, I saw myself drinking liquid light, and I sent that light into every cell of my body. The cancer couldnít stand it. I wish that everyone struggling through painful, debilitating cancer therapies could have the choice to try Gerson Therapy. While no therapy is a guaranteed cure, quality of life should count for something! This program can also be extremely beneficial for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS, or toxic overloads. I stayed on the Gerson program religiously for almost six months until the cancer was gone and my liver said "Enough!" to the carrot juice.

Another good book was The Cure for All Cancers, by Hulda Clark. I do not agree with all her conclusions regarding the cause and cure for cancer, and I do not know if there is validity to her testing methods. That said, I think her book contains valuable information about toxic chemicals in our environment, and has good suggestions for ridding the home of these unnecessary health risks. Most of the items we buy, e.g. cleansers, health and body care products, processed food, furnishings, office supplies etc., contain poisonous chemicals, xenoestrogens and heavy metals that our bodies were never meant to deal with. Individually, each one may not be much of a health threat, but collectively, I believe they are a large part of the reason why one person in three will get cancer in the United States. We have the highest per capita cancer rate in the world, and we have the highest per capita chemical use in the world. I think it is wise for people to reduce or eliminate their exposures as much as possible, and do a physical detox, even if they are not yet sick.

My husband and I threw out all the cleansers and products with isopropyl alcohol in them. This included shampoos and conditioners containing Propylene Glycol. We now use baking soda for a lot of chores, and a 50/50 mixture of Borax and Borateem for laundry and scrubbing sinks and tubs. Instead of products like Formula 409 and the like, we use diluted vinegar for cleaning countertops, floors and mirrors. For dishwashing we keep a bar of plain castile soap in a dish by the kitchen sink. We take a green Scotch-Brite "scrubby", wet it and rub it on the bar of soap. It gets all the dishes clean, leaving no residue. Nobody needs colored, scented detergents for dishes and laundry. Nobody needs "antibacterial" soaps and detergents. The antibacterial products actually foster the growth of antibiotic- resistant bacteria! We use bleach for the toilet, but we keep it outside in the shed when we are not using it. We save a lot of money using safe, simple cleaning materials instead of expensively packaged toxic products.

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On a related topic, a book called The Healthy House, by John Bower discusses every aspect and component of houses from a health standpoint, and shows how to select safe construction materials when building or remodeling. When my husband had to replace our old bathroom floors he used real ceramic tile, instead of linoleum with its outgassing glues and petrochemicals.

My husband and son had a hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle. They are both ridiculously healthy people, and are used to using lots of chemical products. I had to keep reminding them about things. We live in a very small place. Spray a lockset with WD-40 at one end of the house, and I can smell it at the other end. They couldn't, but I could. They thought I was being fanatical, but so what? When you have cancer you feel so helpless and desperate, it feels empowering to do ANYTHING that might improve your odds. Relatives and friends need to be supportive and accommodating. After all, this is life and death. I would ask my family, "Which is more important, my life or your comfort zone?" Although they grumbled, they really did try to be helpful, and I love them for that.

I had long been aware of the Hoxey formula, promoted for years by the controversial Harry Hoxey. I had used it before my illness as a general health tonic and liked it very much. The Hoxey formula consists of several herbs in a base of iodine or kelp extract. These herbs have been studied and proven to have anti-cancer properties. Combined, the herbs do three things: stimulation of the immune system, detoxification of the lymphatic system, and cleansing of the blood. The iodine or kelp is beneficial to the thyroid. There is an excellent documentary on Harry Hoxey called "Quacks Who Cure Cancer". When members of Congress saw the documentary, they began demanding that the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Society begin opening up their minds and their budgets to the study of natural, non-toxic cancer therapies. I get my Hoxey Formula from Dr Harijot Singh Khalsa, 436 Cerrillos Road, Suite C; Santa Fe, NM 87501 Fe, phone: 505-983-3003.

He calls it Formula # 11, the Lymphatic and Glandular Cleanser. If you decide to take it, it is important to start with only a few drops per day in water. Gradually increase the number of drops, and take it three times a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day when taking this formula. The Hoxey clinic recommends eliminating refined (white) flour and sugar from your diet. At the height of my illness I took maybe twenty-five drops in water three times a day. Now I maintain at about seven drops once a day.

Another mainstay of my personal program is ESSIAC tea. This has long been known as an effective herbal cancer remedy, and was developed as a specific remedy for breast cancer. There are many companies selling so-called ESSIAC formulas. You can even do a little research, get your own herbs, and make it yourself if you have the time and inclination. I felt I was doing so much every day preparing my juices that I opted for the convenience of pre-mixed, pre-portioned envelopes of ESSIAC herbs. The brand I like to use is called "Flor Essence". Each box of Flor Essence comes with three envelopes, and each envelope makes one quart of tea. Since you only drink one or two ounces at a time, once or twice a day, it lasts for awhile in the refrigerator. At the height of my illness I was drinking two ounces, twice a day. The nice thing about ESSIAC and the Hoxey Formula, besides what they do, is that they both taste pleasant. Flor Essence is manufactured by Flora, Inc., P.O. Box 73, Lyndon, WA. 98264, phone (800) 446-2110.

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My next big break came when I got back in touch with a doctor of Chiropractic I had known several years before. Her name is Dr. J. Dunn, and she is truly a lifesaver! Dr. Dunn never promised or claimed that she would treat my cancer. Instead, she treated ME, as a whole person, by finding out what my body was asking for and creating a supplement regimen for me. Dr. Dunn specializes in nutrition and a diagnostic and treatment method called Kinesionics. Kinesionics is a system of "muscle testing" to see what the body needs in order to function optimally. In Kinesionics, specific pressure points are touched, and the body reacts by becoming either stronger or weaker. The pressure points relate to all the various organs, glands, and systems in the body. A Kinesionics practitioner can detect illnesses and imbalances, and then muscle-test specific foods and supplements to see which ones make the patient stronger or weaker.

Similar to allergy tests, but without needles, Kinesionics is highly sophisticated and accurate. Dr. Dunn was able to evaluate all the supplements I was taking and find out which ones were actually helping me and which ones were not. She also knew a lot of treatments used in other countries that are in experimental stages in the US. Dr. Dunn is so different from most MDís I've known: She is humble, kind, supportive and gentle. While I was struggling with cancer she was open-minded and willing to test any theory or supplement I wanted to try. Her philosophy is that she is there for the patient, not for her own ego. Her patients range from people who see her in addition to conventional medicine, to people like me who rely on her as my primary physician. I highly recommend her and the Kinesionics practitioners she has trained. They can be reached at: High Level Wellness Chiropractic Center, Dr. J. Dunn, BS, D.C. Albuquerque, NM 87112, phone (505) 275-9809.

There is a pressure point called the malignancy point. Dr. Dunn can muscle test me on that point and determine if there is any malignancy going on in my body. She has a system of testing severity of illness on a scale of zero to six, with zero being well and six being extremely ill. When I first saw her, my malignancy was at two, and had begun to spread into the lymph nodes in my armpit. Each month I would see her, and she would adjust and customize my supplement regimen, and test the malignancy point. It gradually went down to one, then flared back up to two when I had had a very stressful time with anger and depression. We worked on that, and therapy helped as well. After five months the malignancy point hovered at sub-clinical levels, then finally we could detect no more cancer at all.

While conventional doctors would deride this method as being "unscientific", I consider them arrogant. True scientific method relies on trying a controlled experiment and observing the results with an unbiased mind. Kinesionics and many other "unproven" methods work. In my opinion, any medical system that kills its patients with poison and then calls the treatment "successful" is not practicing "good science". Mammograms are HIGHLY inaccurate, and they are dangerous as well. All that I needed to have my cancer metastasize like crazy was to have my breast tissue crushed and radiated, and then have the tumors poked with needles. This is what the doctors did to several good women I loved and the results were predictably terrible.

One friend, no older than I, discovered a breast lump that had gone undetected for years and had not done any harm. Her tumor, suddenly crushed crushed and radiated with mammograms and perforated with biopsies, began metastasizing all over her body. The doctors performed a mastectomy, then radiation and chemo. Then another mastectomy, more radiation, and more chemo. Her last years were absolute hell, and then she was gone. This woman sincerely practiced a very healthful lifestyle all her adult life. The doctors told her that her only hope was surgery, chemo and radiation, but that she could try some "unproven" alternative methods in addition to their treatment if she wished.

Non-toxic therapies work best in people with intact immune systems. With all the damage she sustained from surgery, chemo and radiation, gentle alternative treatment had little chance of helping her. This woman was strong and apparently healthy until she began to undergo diagnostics and treatment. It is very possible that she would be alive today had she not undergone "the best that science has to offer". After watching his wife die, her husband was very supportive of my treatment choices. He wished that his wife had never let the doctors touch her.

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I realize that my opinions are radical, some may even say dangerous. Obviously I am very angry and my bias is showing. But most people will go their whole lives hearing only what doctors and the media, heavily sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, tell them. To think outside the box, to consider different options than the ones we have been told are necessary to save our lives, is frightening. The cancer industry will point at people who choose alternative approaches and die from their disease. But death occurs for people who use conventional therapies, too. With cancer, as in all of life, there are no sure things; there are only educated guesses, and Grace.

In Germany the health care system is not a monopoly of MDs as it is in the US. Doctors of all stripes: MDís, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Bodyworkers, etc. all work together as equals, even in the hospitals, putting together a program that best suits the patientsí needs. The patient has real CHOICE, all covered under insurance. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had such an open system here?

There is a blood test called the AMAS test, short for "anti-malignan antibody screen". The AMAS test screens for a certain cancer marker, and is much more accurate than mammograms as a primary screening tool. Unlike mammograms, which cannot differentiate between benign and malignant tumors, the AMAS detects malignant growth ONLY and has far greater specificity and sensitivity than a mammogram. The AMAS test can detect the presence of almost every type of cancer except for bone cancer, far earlier than other tests. There is no reason to undergo dangerous screening tests such as mammograms, which may actually increase your cancer risk, when a simple AMAS test can detect cancer. As long as the AMAS is negative, there is no malignancy. If it comes back positive, then other tests can be done to locate the source of the cancer.

Of the 5% of mammograms that recommend further testing, 95% of those are false positives. Thus the vast majority of mammograms are unnecessary. There is a good deal of evidence supporting the fact that 75% of all breast cancers are caused by exposure to low level radiation- exactly the kind of radiation from mammograms. In some countries mammograms are considered so inaccurate and dangerous that they are hardly ever prescribed! For anyone not afraid of needles, a yearly AMAS test may be all they need for cancer screening. Since I have a deathly phobia of needles, I feel grateful that Dr. Dunn and others have non-invasive methods for detecting the presence of cancer. For more information on the AMAS test, read about it in An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide To Cancer, or contact: Oncolab, 36 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02215. Phone, 800-922-8378.

One of the supplements that tested "beneficial" for me was a supplement called Calcium d-Glucarate. It is an estrogen blocker. Women with breast cancer often have levels of estrogen that are too high, and levels of progesterone that are too low. Estrogen blockers occupy the estrogen receptor sites, preventing so much estrogen from attaching to them. Similar in action to Tamoxifen, and apparently as effective, according to studies done at Johns Hopkins, Calcium d-Glucarate has no toxic side effects. Tamoxifen is so carcinogenic that it was almost banned in the state of California. Women who take Tamoxifen have a very high risk of developing endometrial cancer. Unlike Tamoxifen, Calcium d-Glucarate is not carcinogenic. If your doctor ever wants to put you on Tamoxifen, you may want to consider taking Calcium d-Glucarate instead.

Dr. Dunn found that the cause for my high estrogen and low progesterone was my poorly functioning thyroid. This was not too surprising to me, since I have been "low thyroid" for most of my life. There are subclinical thyroid conditions that can wreak havoc in the body, yet never show up on conventional thyroid tests. Hypothyroidism is a risk factor for breast cancer. The condition I have is called Wilson's Syndrome. With Wilson's Syndrome, the body does not convert T4 hormone, which is produced in the thyroid gland into T3, the useable form of thyroid hormone. Many, many people have this condition but do not know it, because most thyroid tests simply measure T4 levels, which may be normal. There is an excellent website that explains the symptoms and treatment of Wilson's Syndrome. It is: .

Unfortunately, I am one of the few people who cannot tolerate the T3 treatment for Wilson's Syndrome so I am working on the problem by other means. With Dr. Dunn's help, I have been working on my thyroid with various herbal and glandular formulas, changing formulas and dosages as needed. As my thyroid levels have improved, my dosages of other supplements have gone down, and I have noticed an increased resistance to colds, flues and allergies.

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I also used progesterone cream to raise my progesterone levels. With progesterone creams, its important to make sure the progesterone is from a natural, not synthetic, source. The wild yam creams don't have much useable progesterone in them. A prescription progesterone cream or high-quality non-prescription from a health-care practitioner is stronger. A very little goes a long way.

Another remedy for me is Turmeric. This yellow spice is a powerful anti-oxidant. Turmeric has been shown to repair damaged DNA within cells. Some researchers have theorized that every cell has an "off switch". This switch is activated when the cell is damaged, so that it will self-destruct. A cancer cell has a damaged or missing "off switch", and as it replicates itself, creates duplicate cells that also lack functioning "off switches". Enough of these cells form to create tumors. These defective cells use up more and more of the bodyís resources, and flood the body with their toxic wastes. This is the disease of cancer. Turmeric can help to repair the damaged DNA within the cells, turning damaged cells back into healthy ones. It also prevents cellular damage from free radicals.

One month, after I had been cancer free for about three months, I ran out of turmeric capsules and forgot to make new ones. The cancer came back very quickly. That surprised both Dr. Dunn and me. We knew that the turmeric was a "beneficial remedy" for me, but we had not realized how much it was doing! I take anywhere from three to five capsules of turmeric a day, and I make sure not to forget them anymore! When Dr. Dunn muscle tests me for turmeric, it tests even stronger for me than the Hoxey Formula.

That month that the cancer came back, Dr. Dunn had a new supplement that she tested on me which tested very beneficial. The supplement is called "Recancostat". I took it, but did not ask about it at the time. The next month when I went back for my monthly appointment, the cancer was gone again. The Recancostat, along with adding turmeric back into my program, had worked. When I asked her what it was, Dr. Dunn told me that in-vitro studies in Germany have shown Recancostat to completely kill both mouse and human cancer cells in fourteen days. I was impressed; not only with the Recancostat, but also with my good doctor who does her homework!

I also took Chinese herbs in tablet form from "Seven Forests". The two formulas I took were "Chih-ko and Curcuma", a traditional combination for cancer (note the curcuma, one of the active ingredients in turmeric), and "Blue Citrus", a specific remedy for breast cancer. These both muscle-tested very strong for me. Once the cancer was gone, they tested weak. If your health food store doesnít carry "Seven Forests" brand, call around to acupuncturistsí offices.

Homeopathic medicine can also be helpful. I took homeopathic medicines that were specifics for both breast tumors and my emotional state. These can vary so much for each individual that it is best to consult with a good homeopath. The remedies I took were Conium and Nitric Acid, 30-C, but like I said, someone else may need something different.

Many nutrients are sadly deficient in American diets. These nutrients play a key role in supporting the immune system and cellular health. Some of these key nutrients are essential fatty acids, the B vitamins including Pantothenic acid, and the amino acid, Cystine. Our high rates of cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol and tri-glyceride levels may be caused by deficiencies in these nutrients. As Americans have been wrongly taught to fear fats, the essential fatty acids have been removed from our "reduced fat" foods. Eating artificially fat-free foods causes vitamin deficiency. Every food that has had its fat removed or reduced, has also had its fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids removed. As the fat-reduced food passes through the digestive tract, it actually pulls the fat-soluble vitamins out of the body in an attempt to replenish itself. These vitamins are in the anti-oxidant family of vitamins, such as vitamin A and E. A deficiency of these vitamins increases oneís risk of cancer. I now believe it is much wiser to eat whole food as nature created it, and as our bodies evolved to eat it. I donít fear fat in my food anymore, and I avoid fat-free foods as I avoid white sugar and other nutritional vacuums. The worst thing ever developed along this line is the artificial fat Olestra, aka Olean.

A good way to supplement essential fatty acids is with cold-processed flaxseed oil, in bottles or capsules, fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Essential fatty acids should be kept in the dark and under refrigeration. They should never be heated for cooking! Two excellent books for learning about nutrition in general and fats and oils specifically is "Healing With Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford, and "What Your Doctor Wonít Tell You", by Jane Heimlich.

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A promising diet that takes "good fats" into account is The Omega Diet. This is the diet eaten by the people of Crete, who have unusually low levels of these diseases. The Omega Diet (also called The Omega Plan) has many proven health benefits, such as reduced rates of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, depression and Alzheimer's disease.

Anti-oxidants help prevent cell damage from free radicals. One thing to consider with regards to anti-oxidants is not just how to increase your intake of them, but how to reduce your intake of free radicals. One of the biggest sources of free radicals in foods is the ubiquitous microwave oven. The process of bombarding the food with microwaves causes free radical production. I donít use a microwave; I wonít even have one in my house. Any convenience of a microwave oven is more than offset by the inconvenience of cancer! Another source of free radicals is refined cooking oils, and the deep fat fryers in fast food restaurants. This oil has been reheated countless times, and every time oil is heated it is damaged and free radicals form. Use unrefined olive or sesame oil, or clarified butter for cooking. Avoid clear, colorless oils found in the grocery store. They are highly toxic foods.

Cystine and Pantothenic Acid are crucial building blocks for a healthy immune system, and most diets are deficient in these nutrients. Galen Knight, Ph.D., a research biochemist in Albuquerque, NM, discovered their value while treating mice with cancers. He is studying various non-toxic methods for treating cancer, much of it still experimental, but promising. It was through Galen that I learned of the benefits of Cystine, Pantothenic acid, and dangers of fat-reduced foods. He may have also discovered a way to pull heavy metals out of the body with diatomaceous earth.

Preliminary studies are showing that the addition of about a tablespoon of food-grade, non-crystalline diatomaceous earth to the daily diet for about two months removes heavy metals better than any other approach he has tried. Doing this may have the added benefit of removing organophosphate and pyrethroid pesticide residues, virus, toxic proteins, E. coli, endotoxin and drug residues. Because DE removes toxic metals, it is probably best to take it at night, and take vitamin and mineral supplements in the morning to prevent mineral deficiency. The taste is mild, slightly chalky (not bad at all, really), and it can be mixed into water or juice. It must be a non-crystalline form of DE, the kind approved by the FDA as a food additive. DE is added to flours as an anti-caking agent. The diatomaceous earth used for gardening and pool filters is NOT safe to eat. So far I have used it and find it very pleasant, with no negative side effects. People with lipid storage disease reportedly should not use diatomaceous earth until more is learned about these interactions. Galen has a web site where you can learn more about DE, Cystine and Pantothenic acid, and environmental toxins:

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I heard of the possible value of broccoli sprouts for breast cancer and decided to give them a try. I ordered a large bag of broccoli sprouting seed from Johnnyís Selected Seeds, and made my own sprouts in mason jars with plastic sprout lids. This is a simple way to make sprouts and add them to the diet. Broccoli sprouts are delicious, slightly spicy, as are radish sprouts. If you juice them and add them to carrot-apple juice, the peppery taste is more obvious and adds quite a zip! Johnnyís Selected Seeds: Phone, 207-437-4301. Web site:

There was one remedy that thankfully I never needed, but I kept in reserve if it ever became necessary. That treatment is Hydrazine Sulfate. Hydrazine Sulfate blocks a process in the liver that feeds cancer tumors. The tumor grows by utilizing glucose produced by the liver, which is intended for healthy cells. The tumor uses the glucose, and discharges lactic acid that the body must metabolize. These wastes go back to the liver, where they are processed back into nutrients. The cycle continues, with the tumors growing and the rest of the body wasting away. The term for this wasting process is cachexia. The vast majority of cancer patients do not die from the tumor, or from tumor interference with other organs, they die of the resultant cachexia. Hydrazine Sulfate blocks this process by blocking a particular enzyme in the liver. This starves the tumor while making nutrients available to the rest of the body.

Hydrazine sulfate has been studied for over twenty-five years, and is used by doctors frequently and with success in Russia. Certain foods and medications must not be taken with Hydrazine sulfate. If you (or someone you know) have cancer and are wasting away, I strongly recommend looking into this medication as a way to buy time while developing a comprehensive plan to fight the cancer and regain health. You can read more about it in An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. People Against Cancer have a smaller book, just about Hydrazine sulfate, which contains all of the medical studies and articles written about it, and gives the dietary restrictions and directions for taking it. You can obtain hydrazine sulfate without a prescription from Great Lakes Metabolics, 1724 Hiawatha Court N.E., Rochester, MN 55904. Phone, 507-288-2348. (Note: Since I first wrote this article, I've heard that the FDA is trying to halt the sale of Hydrazine Sulfate. It may now be more difficult to obtain. Do a search in Google for "hydrazine sulfate".)

All of the available supplements and food choices can be very confusing, especially if you donít have a Kinesionics practitioner to take out the guesswork. The best remedy in the world for me may not work for you, and vice-versa. There is a simple way to muscle-test yourself, and it is very accurate: Take off your shoes and stand up straight, with your feet close together so the anklebones touch each other. If you are wearing shoes, the heels will throw off the test. Hold the supplement, food, drug or whatever you are testing, and touch it to your navel. It has to touch your skin; it wonít work through your clothes. Close your eyes, and wait to see which way your body sways. If you tilt forward, the item being tested is beneficial for you. If you tilt backwards, it is bad for you. If you tilt to one side or the other, the item is neutral; it wonít help or hurt you. You can muscle test everything. Even different brands or potencies of a supplement can test differently for you. Don't rely on books or general advice for buying supplements.

Each body is unique! There were many things I wanted to take for the cancer, because they were recommended in books. Yet, when I muscle-tested some of these things they tested badly for me. When I would ask Dr. Dunn to test me for these same things, without me telling her of my results, she would get the same results. I could not see what she was muscle-testing me for, so I am convinced of the accuracy of our results. Sometimes she would want to put me onto a certain supplement, but would get a bad muscle-test for it. Months later, the same supplement would test "beneficial" and then we knew my body was ready for it. I use this method when I go to the health food store. I just inform the clerk that I am muscle testing, not hiding things under my shirt. They are always understanding, and even curious. Muscle-testing will save you a lot of money and keep you from taking things which may actually impair your healing. Muscle testing like this can be fun, too. Children especially enjoy it, and you can use this method to help them directly experience how foods can be good or bad for them.

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Something you may want to test for or see a nutritionist about is food sensitivity. Many people are "allergic" to grains, dairy and other foods and do not know it. When we eat those foods, an immune response is provoked. This can not only make us feel tired, achy or even ill, but it takes up immune system resources that we need to fight the cancer. Many chronic diseases are actually misdiagnosed food allergies. You can take samples of flour or little vials of milk, etc, and do Kinesionics or muscle-test them on your navel point. I was allergic to wheat and milk. Probably one of the reasons that the Gerson program was so therapeutic for me and made me feel so good was because I ate no wheat or milk products for the time I was on it. This freed up my immune system to better fight the cancer. Dr. Dunn figured out that my food allergies stemmed from my under-active thyroid. As my thyroid has improved, my allergies have largely gone away. Here are some web-sites about food allergies:, and

Every night before bed my husband would give me a Reiki treatment. Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing method that helps balance the body, mind and spirit. These Reiki sessions were always very relaxing, and I think they did me great good.

I did not rely solely on nutritional and physical treatments. I also realized that I needed all the spiritual and emotional support I could get. With a healing crisis like cancer, it is helpful to have good supportive people to talk to. You need family and friends but I donít think it is good to rely on a spouse or close relative for all of your emotional support. They are scared, too, and feeling the stress right along with you. A good counselor or minister can help a lot. I called my Hakomi therapist, Morgan Holford in Santa Fe, and resumed regular sessions with her. Years ago, Morgan helped me put the pieces of my life together as I worked on incest recovery. I was so amazed by the effectiveness of the Hakomi method that I later took a two year professional training in Hakomi myself.

Hakomi is a type of psychotherapy that works at the Mind/Body interface. Emotions have an impact in the body, and the body speaks the language of the Unconscious. Unconsciously held beliefs formed early on can influence our health and our ability to be well. Hakomi is a very effective method for safely discovering these powerful unconscious beliefs, these maps that we drew when we were small that we still go by. A gentle method is carefully non-violent in a psychological sense. My first breakthrough with using Hakomi to heal from cancer was clearly seeing an "implant" from my mother, that said I did not deserve to live, that indeed I should die. This was no surprise to me. My mother was a violent, hateful woman. The implant looked like a hand grenade with a timer set to go off. It was set to explode when I turned forty. I was thirty-nine. I spent the session figuring out a way I could deactivate and dispose of the bomb, and was successful.

My second big breakthrough was when I went "inside" my body and "saw" the cancer in my breast. It black and evil, like a large centipede or parasite. Then I saw my good killer cells and had to laugh. They looked like Pac Man, yellow with huge mouths, and they were wearing Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms! I have no idea why my subconscious chose that imagery, but ever since then, I've rooted for the Steelers. I knew that killer cells can easily kill cancer cells, but the problem is that cancer cells have a coating that makes them "invisible" to the killer cells. In my mindful state, I pointed the cancer out to my killer cells, and said, "Sic Ďem!" I saw a very frightened parasite get tackled and chewed up by the whole mob of Pittsburgh Steelers!

Every day after that, I would focus inside and point out the tumors to my little football team of killer cells. About an hour later, I would feel a sharp, burning pain in my breast that would last for several minutes. Then a little later, I would feel burning in my armpit that continued for hours. This worried me quite a bit at first. But then I decided that the pain in my breast was the killer cells doing their job, and the pain in my armpit was my lymph nodes processing the dead cells. This was true healing, and the proof of that was when Dr. Dunn would test me, and the cancer was getting better. I was winning!

Because of the image I had of the cancer being a parasite, Dr. Dunn tested me for parasites, and did find a parasitic involvement. (Most people don't like to think about it, but parasites are very, very common. We all know that dogs, cats, horses and livestock need to be tested and treated for parasites, but most people go their whole lives never getting tested or treated themselves!) The body KNOWS what is happening, and what is needed. We only have to find a way to listen to the body wisdom within ourselves. Hakomi along with Kinesionics are the best methods I know to do that. You can contact Morgan Holford, at 505-988-7641. There is also a Hakomi web-site you visit to see if there is a Hakomi therapist near you:, and

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I also prayed a lot. I was up against a wall, and it was time to resolve my ambivalence about GOD. Given the betrayals of my childhood, I had a lot of problems trusting in a loving and caring God. I had, and still have, trouble getting beyond the patriarchal image of the angry white man with the flowing white beard, sitting on a cloud and hurling lightening bolts at those who displease HIM. It's hard to believe that God is Love, when one's image is a God of Anger. It's hard to trust in God the Father, when one's biological father was horrendously abusive. Unfortunately, language often dictates our reality. The word "God" was getting in my way of connecting to a loving Higher Power.

I needed to realize that God, Goddess, or whatever IT was, was not the One who hurt me, but rather was the One who kept me alive and sane in a life that should have killed me. I found that when I actually prayed and turned things over to a Higher Power, I felt in a profound way that I was loved and safe. The Love had always been there, but I had never opened myself up to receive it because I hadn't believed I was truly worthy of being loved. I felt the presence of at least one saint, Guru Nanak, and my guardian angel who were both there to help me. They would talk to me when I needed reassurance, telling me that I was loved, and that they would not leave me. Mostly, they told me to TRUST. I knew then that whether I lived or died, I was going to be all right. After all, no one gets out of this life alive! All I wanted was to live as best I could, for as long as that Higher Power willed me to.

Making radical lifestyle changes was stressful, not just on me, but on everyone around me. They couldn't really know what I was going through. Relationships were tested, and weaknesses were exacerbated. Some friends said hurtful things without meaning to. I had a number of people tied to frighten me into doing the kinds of therapies that they believed were best. Several people actually told me that I would die if I didnít do what they said. Some people didnít say those words out loud, but I could see doubt and pessimism on their faces. There was one friend, an M.D., who got angry with me when I refused his advice that "surgery, chemo and radiation are the ONLY way to go!" (Months later, when I phoned him to tell him the good news that I was cancer-free, he refused to return my phone call. Iím glad Iím not one of his patients!)

Well, it was true that I could die. But people who do conventional therapies often die as well. No matter what I chose, there were no guarantees. If your close family is supportive of your choices, it can relieve you of at least one stress. It's hard enough to be dealing with a life-threatening illness without having to hear messages of doom from friends and family. If people try to push their values on you, tell them that while you realize their intentions are good, their words are hurtful. I finally had to tell my friends that they had no idea how comprehensive my protocol was, and that I would not discuss my treatment choices with people unless they were professionals on my healing team. Tell your friends and family that if they ever get cancer you will support them in their decisions, and you would like them to do the same for you. Give them a copy of Reclaiming Our Health to read; it may help.

Be aware that many people have overly simplistic misconceptions about cancer. Several "New-Age" types asked me things like "Why have you chosen this experience?" and, "What is wrong with your spirituality that you got sick?" One friend, after I told her I was sick, immediately launched into a speech about how cancer was caused by being out of touch with my emotions (Real friends, on the other hand, say things like, "How can I help?" or, "What do you need?") This was a person who wouldnít know an emotion if it bit her on the a**! I was in touch with my emotions just fine. I was furious! I told her that cancer was an extremely complex disease and it was hurtful to make such simplistic judgements.

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While an emotional crisis may weaken the immune system and contribute to the problem, emotions alone are not the cause of cancer. I have trouble believing that a hundred years ago only six people in ten thousand got cancer because everyone was so well adjusted emotionally. Many people get cancer about four years after an emotional crisis, so laying a guilt-trip on someone about something they may have experienced years before and can't do anything about now is totally destructive. My New Age friend was so frightened she couldnít hear me. She told me that she was going to go and meditate right away so that she wouldn't get cancer, and hung up on me! I have not spoken to her since.

Use the time when you are sick to heal old emotional wounds and self-defeating patterns that may influence your healing. But understand that no one gets cancer just because they are "angry" as I have heard people say. These people are just so afraid; they want to believe that if they can manage to be "perfect", and perfectly in control, nothing bad will ever happen to them. They are overgrown children, still locked into magical thinking.

A crisis like cancer can be a life-healing experience. If you have trouble setting boundaries, if you have trouble putting yourself first for a change, get over it! Putting yourself last, stuffing things in order to be "nice" tells your body that you donít really matter. Your life depends on your unflagging commitment to be willing to do whatever it takes to get well! Be proactive. Be contentious if you must. Be willing to question authority and take responsibility for your body and your life. You will discover things about yourself you never realized, and you will discover your real friends.

I have been cancer-free since April 1998. Every time I See Dr. Dunn all my bodily systems check out stronger and stronger. My relationship with my Higher Power is a pleasure now, not an abstract belief, but alive and very real. I have learned a lot and find a great deal of pleasure in sharing what I have learned with others. I decided that I would no longer wait until I was an old woman to make my impact in the world. Whether it is a big impact or a small one, Iím having fun! We never know how much time we have, and itís better not to put off being ourselves until later.

My life philosophy is simple now: On one hand, there is cancer, and on the other hand, there is everything else. I wish you good health and great joy! If I can be of help to anyone dealing with cancer, please feel free to contact me.

I am:

Siri Amrit Kaur Khalsa

Tigerflag Natural Perfumery

You may make as many copies of this paper as you like and give them to anyone interested.

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