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Choosing & Using Natural Perfumes

How to Choose...

Picture of a Rose Some people are sensitive to fragrances, whether natural or synthetic. For these people I recommend perfumes with simple palettes, such as the Indian Attars and Tiferet Aromatherapy Blends. Compared to most of the Madinis, they have fewer ingredients and are not as strong. The Attars and Tiferets are like string quartets compared to the Madini full symphony.

Natural perfumes can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions in certain individuals, even if they don't contain synthetic chemicals that aggravate people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). I do my best to carry products that will be well-tolerated, however I cannot guarantee that they will be. This is why I'm happy to send you samples that you can try before you buy.

... and How to Use

Natural perfumes made from essential oils will usually fade faster than synthetic imitations. To make a natural perfume last all day, apply a little dab to the inside of your collar or some fabric close to your body where it won't show. Your body heat will allow it to waft gently in your own personal space all day. If you choose to apply it to your clothing be careful, for the oils will stain fabric.

For fragrance-sensitive customers: With any perfume oil, first take a whiff and see how you feel. If that agrees with you, take a drop and dilute it with a few drops of sweet almond oil or other neutral vegetable oil before applying it to your skin, and see how you do. If that works well, try it full-strength. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply the perfume to your hair or hidden piece of fabric so it can be enjoyed without actually touching your skin.

You can also use Aromatherapy Diffusers, Scent Rings, and Aroma Jewelry. These gentle methods rely on the warmth of a candle, lightbulb or your body to diffuse the perfume, without it having to touch your skin.

If you use a candle warmer to diffuse perfume oils, use only pure, undyed, unscented beeswax candles with organic cotton wicks. Use any other kind of candle or wick, and you risk toxic fumes! Essential oils can give off unknown chemical compounds when burned in a candle, so always use unscented beeswax candles.

Natural perfumes are sensitive to heat, light and oxygen. Always store them away from heat and light, with the caps on tight.

My Guarantee:

You will always receive the highest-quality products at fair, honest prices. I want you to be happy with your purchases and will do all within my power to help you before, during and after the sale. If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will do my very best to make you satisfied.
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