Tigerflag Natural Perfumery

Tigerflag Natural Perfumery LLC is no longer in business.

If you are an established customer who has purchased from Tigerflag in the past:
Some items might still be available in small quantities. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact me for a private arrangement.

Credit Where Credit's Due

Picture of roses

I couldn't have started this business or written this website without help from the following:

My former co-workers, whose perfumes made me so sick that, in self-defense, I went on a hunt for natural ones they could use instead.

The kid who rear-ended my car at a red light; the insurance settlement made this possible. Both of which go to show that bad things really do happen for a reason. And that God has a sense of humor.

My wonderful husband, who has been patiently waiting for me to emerge from the computer room for so many months, he must be trying to remember what I look like by now.

Pat Heard of Full Ahead, www.fullahead.org. Website designer and artist extraordinaire, he's also a delight to work with. If you ever want a logo or website designed, or want your website made beautiful, he's the man!

For the bones of the basic website design, the Open Source CSS layout at Ruthsarian Labs:
'Skidoo Too'

The basic table design with which I started for the product listings was written by Stuart Colville of 'Muffin Research'.

Christoper McMahon: He very generously gave me permission to make use of his photographs and writings of Indian attar-making.

And mostly, God and Guru, who are with me every moment of every day and never forget me, even when I forget them.