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Tigerflag Natural Perfumery LLC is no longer in business.

If you are an established customer who has purchased from Tigerflag in the past:
Some items might still be available in small quantities. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact me for a private arrangement.

Articles About Perfumes & Perfumery:

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Information about natural and synthetic perfumes, and tips to help you select the perfect gifts for yourself or others:

Read Choosing & Using Natural Perfumes if you have Allergies, MCS or Fragrance-Sensitivity.

Why Natural Perfumes are Better: Important information about the differences between natural and synthetic fragrances.

NEW: Why Buy Beeswax Candles?: Beeswax candles vs. paraffin.

Read The Different Perfume Families and learn what it means when a perfume is described as floral, oriental, woody, etc. Find out which "family" is your favorite.

Read Choosing Men's and Women's Fragrances for surprising information about how "Marketing" determines what makes a "Man's" or "Woman's" fragrance!

Are Madini Perfumes Natural?

Natural Attars and Perfumes: How my Natural Attars, Tiferet and Madini perfumes are made and what goes into them.

Are Perfumes Making You Sick? Part 1: The Dangers of Fragrance Chemicals.

"Are Perfumes Making You Sick?" Part 2: Alternatives to Fragrance Chemicals

MCS: The Canary in the Coal Mine For many people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, perfumes and fragrances are the biggest aggravator of their illness. What do people with MCS experience? How can you help someone who has MCS? An informative article to hand to people who may need educating.

The Twenty Most Common Chemicals Found in Thirty-One Fragrance Products Compiled by the late Julia Kendall. Since Julia wrote this in the early '90's, the number of people diagnosed with asthma in the United States has soared from 10 million to over 24 million.

Resources: Free articles and links to information about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Cancer, General Health, and all sorts of (hopefully) interesting stuff.

Nontoxic Packing Materials: So you know what to expect when you open the box. We use environmentally-friendly packing materials and try hard to accomodate people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

My Guarantee:

You will always receive the highest-quality products at fair, honest prices. I want you to be happy with your purchases and will do all within my power to help you before, during and after the sale. If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will do my very best to make you satisfied.
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