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Are Madini Perfumes Natural?

Many people who want all-natural perfumes love the Madini brand. They are high-quality perfumes indeed. But, are they really natural? Or are they blends of natural and synthetic oils?

Madini perfumeExcept for their Jasmine, I can't tell you for sure because they don't actually say on their bottles that they are all natural. They simply list the contents as Fragrance. For most products that would mean that the ingredients are synthetic. I have asked the importer about this and he had some answers. Whether you accept them or not is up to you.

He told me that the labels used to read Essential Oils but that they changed it to Fragrances because they also use absolutes and other natural materials (such as shells) that aren't strictly essential oils.

I asked how they could charge the same price for something as rare as Agarwood, and as common as Lavender. His answer was that they pay the Madinis much more for some perfumes such as Agarwood and Ambergris. They pay much less for some such as Lavender and Mandarine. For simplicity's sake they charge the same for everything and it all averages out.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and have sampled many more of their perfumes than I actually carry. Based on my reactions to Madini perfumes, I'm guessing that a lot of their florals contain some percentage of synthetic ingredients. For whatever reason, I don't feel any negative "chemical" effects from their Agarwood and Ambergris, so I am stocking them.

One way that you can suspect a synthetic perfume is that the scent life will be very long for certain fragrances that would naturally have a short scent life. Natural Rose and Jasmine have relatively short scent-lives, yet Madini's Rose and Jasmine perfumes last over twelve hours.

My theory is that Madini used to be truly all-natural, before the costs of natural materials skyrocketed. Now, I believe that they are switching some of their ingredients to synthetics. I think this is especially true for the more expensive ingredients such as Rose and Jasmine.

On the other hand, their perfumes that come from inexpensive materials, such as Lavender, Citron and Mandarine are still short-lived the way these natural oils should be, and I don't feel any negative reactions to them. While I can't guarantee that they are 100% natural, they certainly feel that way to me. They also smell superb, much better than any other brands I have tried!

In my search for natural perfumes to offer my customers, I have made a compromise with Madini. I try to avoid the ones that, in my opinion, would have to be synthetic. As much as possible I carry the ones that I believe are still natural, or have a high percentage of natural oils in them.

Many people don't care if a perfume is natural or not, they simply want a high-quality, good-smelling fragrance. Madini Perfumes suit the bill. Some people want a natural fragrance that smells more Western than the Indian Attars or more complex than the Tiferet Perfumes. Some of the Madinis can work for them.

If a person is dealing with Asthma or MCS, I recommend the Attars or Tiferets. If you want to try the Madinis, I recommend you order samples first, and I can make suggestions if you ask me.

Posted 08/10/2006 by Siri Amrit Kaur Khalsa. Updated on 2/14/2007

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