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Choosing Men's and Women's Fragrances

Beautiful fragrances know no gender. Contrary to what Madison Avenue would have you believe, there's almost no such thing as Men's or Women's fragrances. Did you know that Old Spice™ was originally sold as a woman's cologne? Eau de Cologne has been enjoyed by both sexes since it's release in 1709. In India and the Middle-East, where the art of perfumery was born, people simply wear what they think smells good. In our Western culture, we let multi-million-dollar ad campaigns tell us what smells good. And that stinks!

Madini perfume Typical western (European-style) perfumes have a combination of scents called top-notes, middle-notes and base-notes. Top-notes are light florals or citrus scents. They give a first impression of a perfume, then fade soon after. Middle-notes are the heart of the perfume. Base-notes are the long-lasting anchors, or fixatives, used for holding the lighter scents and making them last longer.

Many men's fragrances simply lack top-notes and flowery middle-notes, making them smell flat and boring. Some of the better men's fragrances are actually women's fragrances, rebottled and relabeled with masculine names! Famous perfume houses have been known to take their so-called women's scents, pour them into different bottles, give them new names, and sell them as men's colognes. They sell the exact same fragrance under two different labels, to two different markets.

Most of the Madini Perfumes are designed to be worn by everybody. The fragrances that they suggest for men are far superior to most men's fragrances today. And they're just that: suggestions. If you wear what you love and it works with your body chemistry, no one will know if it had a pink or blue label, so to speak. They'll just think you smell good. If in doubt, order samples, then do what people in the perfumer's trade do: Wear what you like, wear what makes you happy! And if what you love is a natural perfume without synthetic chemicals, all the better!

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