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Natural, Organic Skin Perfumes

Natural Perfumes in Amber BottlesOn this page we offer you a wide selection of 100% Natural, Organic Skin Perfumes. These perfumes smell fantastic and are safe and non-toxic. If synthetic fragrances make you or those around you feel bad, or if you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, you'll love these Organic Natural Perfumes.

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Pink RoseOur Organic Skin Perfumes in Vetiver are crafted in India using a new, heat-free, hexane-free technique that preserves the full fragrance of the flowers. Experience vibrant, true-to-life aromas that were previously unknown in natural perfumery.

Here is what our importer has to say about this new technique:

"The flowers are actually never subjected to the heat of distillation. They are directly extracted with alcohol (no hexane is used in this process). This alcoholic solution is then immersed in the vetiver and placed in a rotary evaporator which expels the alcohol and water from the flowers (which gets dissolved by the alcohol). So in this way no heat is used, no hexane is used, and one gets the beautiful full aroma of the flowers."

The perfumes use an organic Vetiver base that is much milder than our Ruh Khus and Indonesian Vetiver. The Vetiver gives each of these perfumes an incredibly long scent-life, and is much less expensive than the Sandalwood used in the Indian Attars. While the Sandalwood Attars have a strong woody basenote, these Vetiver Perfumes have a soft, earthy basenote that dances beautifully with the flowers.

Our Natural Perfumes in Jojoba Oil use a naturally deodorized Organic Jojoba oil that does not lend any fragrance of its own to the perfume. You get a pure floral scent with nothing else!

We use simple amber bottles to protect the perfumes and keep our prices as low as possible. Try them all!

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Natural Skin Perfumes in Organic Vetiver
In 1/4 oz. and 1/8 oz. Amber bottles, and Sample Vials:
Golden Champa Perfume - Organic Champa Flower in Organic Vetiver. A lush, rounded tropical floral that inspires joy and devotion. Redolent of Magnolia, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossoms and Tea. Similar to our Sandalwood-based Champa Attar, but with soft, earthy basenotes. More...
White Ginger Lily Perfume - Organic White Ginger Lily in Organic Vetiver. Delicate and refined. A slightly dry, not-too-sweet floral with citrus top-notes and a lovely complexity. Suitable for both Men and Women. More...
Jasmine & Vetiver Perfume - Night-blooming Jasmine Sambac in Organic Vetiver. This Jasmine Perfume is just WOW! Incredibly vivid, pure Jasmine scent that will amaze and elevate you! Very long-lasting... More...
Natural Juhi Perfume - Organic Jasmine Auriculatum in Organic Vetiver. A deep, smooth Jasmine redolent of ripe, honeyed melons. A more "masculine" Jasmine than the Night and Dawn Jasmines, suitable for both Men and Women.. Potent, powerful, mysterious... More...
Kewda Flower Perfume - Organic Kewda Flower in Organic Vetiver. A green, refreshing, neutral fragrance suitable for both Men and Women. Similar to our Sandalwood-based Kewda Attar, but the Kewda scent is fresher and stronger here. More...
Mitti & Vetiver Perfume - Organic Earth in Organic Vetiver. This is the earthiest fragrance we carry. Earthy, rooty and mossy. Cool, moist and sweet. More...
Natural Plumeria Perfume - Organic Plumeria Flower in Organic Vetiver. "The Fragrance of Paradise". A lush, heady floral with sweet, honeyed notes, exotic Plumeria flowers are woven into garlands and leis and given as gifts. More...
Rose & Vetiver Perfume - Organic Bourbon Rose in Organic Vetiver. This is a very mild Rose perfume suitable for both Men and Women. The Rose scent is faint at first, and gently grows over many hours without ever becoming too "flowery". More...
Natural Tuberose Perfume - Tuberose Flowers in Organic Vetiver. An exotic tropical flower with exquisite floral and green notes, romantic and seductive... More...
Ruh Khus, Vetiver Oil - Hydrodistilled Organic Vetiver Root. Known as The Oil of Tranquility this deep, emerald green oil is cooling and sweet, with a woodsy, smoky aroma and a hint of mint. Nice for hot summer months. More...
Indonesian Vetiver Essential Oil - Steam-distilled Organic Vetiver Root. Different in character from our Indian Ruh Khus. Cooling, earthy, rooty, woodsy fragrance. Very affordably priced. Try them both! More...
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Natural Skin Perfumes in Organic Jojoba Oil
In 1/4 oz. and 1/8 oz. Amber bottles, and Sample Vials:
Organic Night Jasmine Perfume - Pure Jasmine Sambac absolute in Organic Jojoba Oil - A rich, romantic Jasmine perfume with the fragrance of a moonlit tropical garden. Our best selling perfume. More Info...
Organic Dawn Jasmine Perfume - Pure Jasmine Grandiflora absolute in Organic Jojoba Oil - A sweet, etheric Jasmine perfume that inspires joy and innocense. A "must-have" for every Jasmine lover! More Info...
Organic Pure Rose Perfume Organic Rose Absolute in Organic Jojoba Oil - Very sweet, fresh, and well... rosy! Our Rose Perfume comes the closest that I have found to the fragrance of a fresh rose. If the Rose perfumes you've tried in the past seem lacking, try this one! More Info...
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Sampler Packs in 1/2 ml. Sample Vials:
"Perfumes in Vetiver" Sample Pack - Contains sample vials of Golden Champa, White Ginger Lily, Kewda Flower, Plumeria, Rose and Tuberose Perfumes in Vetiver.
"All Our Jasmines" Sample Pack - Contains sample vials of Motia Attar, Night Jasmine in Jojoba, Dawn Jasmine in Jojoba, Jasmine Sambac in Vetiver, and "Juhi" Jasmine Auriculatum in Vetiver. You're sure to find a new favorite Jasmine Perfume!
"3-Vetivers" Sample Pack - Contains sample vials of Ruh Khus, Indonesian Golden Vetiver, and Mitti in Vetiver.

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