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Tigerflag Natural Perfumery LLC is no longer in business.

If you are an established customer who has purchased from Tigerflag in the past:
Some items might still be available in small quantities. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact me for a private arrangement.

Packaging Materials

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Information for customers with chemical sensitivity:

I ship orders with environmentally-safe, non-toxic packaging materials. After all, I don't want you to open your box and have to inhale a bunch of polystyrene 'popcorn' fumes. I wrap each item in unbleached paper or brown kraft bags. I use sheets of unbleached paper for padding fill. Sample Vials come in small ziplock bags, but we have to do that in case something leaks.

If you want me to remove candles from printed boxes or poly bags before shipping, let me know. You will have a chance to give me special requests when you place your order.

I send samples of perfumes on strips of acid-free, pH-neutral paper test strips. These are stamped with a non-toxic, solvent-free water-based ink, and written on in pencil. The test strips are enclosed in sealed glassine sleeves. Glassine is a chemically inert pH-neutral paper. When you get your camera film back from the developers (does anybody still use camera film?) and it's in that waxed-paper-like sleeve that isn't really waxed-paper... that's glassine.

Labels, packing slips and product literature are printed on regular paper with regular toner. I wish I could afford a printer that uses vegetable-based inks, but that's not in the cards for now. I print product literature with a Canon L75, and receipts on a Lexmark Z53 printer because the inks don't bother me. However, if you're very sensitive to printer/copier inks and don't want any printed paper enclosed with your order, just tell me when you place the order and I will email your receipt instead.

My Guarantee:

You will always receive the highest-quality products at fair, honest prices. I want you to be happy with your purchases and will do all within my power to help you before, during and after the sale. If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will do my very best to make you satisfied.
See the Policies Page for details on ordering, shipping, privacy, etc...