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The Different Perfume Families

To help you select your perfumes, here's a brief guide to the different perfume "families".

Florals are perfect for warm weather, day wear and sunny weekends, but you can wear them anytime. Whether you're feeling light-hearted or romantic, choose Florals to inspire innocence and celebrate your femininity. Madini's Summer and Mirage are good examples. Most of the Aromatherapy Perfumes are florals.

Bewitching. Mysterious. Exotic. Orientals are warm, spicy, and irresistably attractive to both sexes. Choose them for evening wear, or the colder months of autumn and winter. Whether you want to snuggle up for a good cuddle or attract the love of your life, Orientals have a seductive quality that few can resist. Madini's Ambre, Alma de Alma and Papillion are wonderful Orientals.

Fresh and Clean describe some of the more modern scents with bright, clear notes such as fresh lilies or citrus. Inspire confidence in yourself and others with these invigorating, dynamic scents. Madini's Malvaloca and Zagora are good examples.

Citrus scents are useful for daywear and warm weather, and can be enjoyed by both men and women. They often have value in aromatherapy and blend well with herbal scents. Many people who are turned-off by cloyingly sweet synthetic citrus are pleasantly surprised by the beauty of natural citrus. Madini's Citron and Mandarine are good examples.

Woody notes add richness, depth and sophistication to perfumes. Often called 'power scents', perfumes with Woody notes evoke respect in the office, bring dignity to formal occasions, and lend magnetism to romantic evenings. Madini's Maderas de Oriente is an elegant woody-floral, while Chipre is a sensual woody-mossy blend. All of my Indian Attars are Woody Florals, except for the Oud, or Agarwood, which is totally Woody.

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