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Natural, Organic Plumeria Perfume

Natural Skin Perfumes

Amber Bottles of Perfume Description: Plumeria, or Frangipani, "The Fragrance of Paradise". The best Frangipani Perfume I've ever come across. A full, rounded, floral of the sweetest tropical flowers imaginable. This fragrance has outstanding strength, purity and tenacity. Too many superlatives? Believe me, they're not nearly sufficient to describe this perfume!

Exotic Plumeria flowers are a favorite for weaving into fragrant garlands and leis. Wear this Natural Plumeria Perfume and feel yourself transported to a tropical paradise!

This perfume uses an organic Vetiver base that is much milder than our Ruh Khus and Indonesian Vetiver. The Vetiver gives it an incredibly long scent-life, and is much less expensive than the Sandalwood used in the Indian Attars. The Sandalwood Attars have a classic woody basenote, while the Vetiver Perfumes have a softly sweet, earthy basenote that harmonizes beautifully with the flowers.

Ingredients: Organic Plumeria/Frangipani oil, Organic Vetiver oil.

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