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Why Natural Perfumes are Better

  1. QUALITY: Naturally-derived fragrance oils smell far better than cheap synthetic imitations.
  2. HEALTH: Whatever goes ON your skin goes IN your body. Natural perfumes don't contain dangerous synthetic chemicals.
  3. COURTESY: When you wear products that contain synthetic fragrances, you "outgas" petrochemicals that can hurt sensitive people around you. (Surely you don't mean to!)
  4. THE ENVIRONMENT: Fragrance chemicals are a serious environmental problem. Pollution from making, using and disposing of these chemicals hurts us all, especially our children.

Your Body Knows Best

Champa flowers

Just as your bare feet can tell the difference between walking on lush, cool grass and walking on Astro-turf, your body can tell the difference between real fragrances and synthetic ones. Real fragrances enhance your body's own unique, natural scent, and evoke powerful emotional responses from deep within. Synthetic fragrances can only mask and cover up your own natural scent. Only in recent times have perfumes been made from synthetic chemicals, which are quite dangerous to the wearer and everybody around them.

Natural perfumes are the original 'aromatherapy'. For thousands of years they have brought happiness and a sense of well-being to the fortunate ones who wear them. My perfumes are of the highest quality, made the old-fashioned way with natural essential oils and absolutes.

Natural Perfumes, Soaps and Candles make perfect gifts!

Do Natural Perfumes Really Smell Good?

YES! Subtle and sublime, natural perfumes range from simple, single-note florals to complex blends of flowers, woods, resins and spices. Fragrances for women, men, unisex... florals, orientals and everything in between! Customers keep telling me that these are the finest perfumes they've ever smelled. Once you've tried them, I think you'll agree. Samples available so you can "try before you buy".

Why Are Synthetic Fragrances So Bad?

The fragrance industry uses neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and toxic-waste chemicals derived from petroleum to make sweet-smelling products that we're surrounded with every day. They don't care about your health any more than the tobacco industry does. They're not required to disclose these ingredients on the labels. The Material Safety Data Sheets for these chemicals contain warnings to avoid inhalation of vapors and skin exposure, and yet they're in products you inhale and apply to your skin!

Champa tree

These poisons are in perfumes and cosmetics, soaps and shampoos, detergents and fabric softeners, air 'fresheners', scented candles and cleaning products. Fragrance chemicals also pollute the environment. Once they're in your body, they affect your brain and organs, nervous and immune systems. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, these chemicals are absorbed by your child. Like second-hand smoke, synthetic fragrances "carry" on the air. When you use toxic chemicals, everyone around you absorbs them, whether they want to or not.

We're all adversely affected by these chemicals- not just people with MCS and asthma. Many people who may not think they have MCS don't realize that their headaches, fatigue, irritability and a host of other health problems may be caused or aggravated by the synthetic fragrances they use every day. It only makes sense to do everything within our power to reduce our exposure to these toxic chemicals.

For more information on toxic fragrances, MCS and related health issues, visit the Resources page.

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Fragrances and Environmental Illness

Natural perfumes are better for your health and for the environment. If you have Asthma or Multiple Chemcial Sensitivity (MCS), you know how bad it feels to be exposed to synthetic fragrances. If you don't have these illnesses, you probably know people who do.

For people with MCS, the slightest whiff of synthetic fragrances can be devastating, causing headaches, breathing problems, weakness, confusion, anxiety and panic attacks, and other neurotoxic symptoms.

Over forty million Americans suffer from MCS, and synthetic fragrances with their neurotoxins are the most common trigger for symptoms. People with MCS react to fragrances that other people can't even smell. For many asthmatics, synthetic fragrances can be as triggering as cigarette smoke. Your 'personal' fragrance choices have an impact on everyone around you, including you.

Nobody is born with MCS, we get it from chemical overloads, either one big exposure or low-level exposure over many years. The chemicals you expose yourself to today could cause you to develop MCS (or even cancer!) tomorrow. But you have choices: You can wear poisons, go totally fragrance-free, or use beautiful natural fragrances.

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Comparing Natural to Synthetic

Indian girl checking rose fields

Over four-thousand pounds of rose petals must be hand-picked to make just one pound of rose oil used in natural perfumery. A small batch of traditionally-made Indian Attar can take more than twenty days of painstaking labor to prepare. Compared to synthetic fragrances that cost only pennies, it's no wonder that most perfumes have "gone synthetic". Most modern fragrances are basically cheap chemical soups wrapped up in extravagant packaging and multi-million-dollar ad campaigns.

Health Food Store Perfumes

Most of the 'natural' fragrances sold in Health Food Stores aren't natural at all. I called the manufacturers of every fragrance line I found in three health food store chains, and all but one told me that they use synthetic ingredients. The one that was all-natural used alcohol, which many chemically-sensitive people can't tolerate.

My Guarantee:

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